How to Help your Kids Embrace Dietary Variety

Diverse diets rich in fruits and vegetables are linked to better health, but kids are naturally reluctant to try new foods.

The Solution: Make dietary diversity a habit with patience, practice, and strategy. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Remember, kids are creatures of habit - whether it's reading the same book every night at bed or eating the same breakfast. The key is finding small ways to provide variety, without entirely throwing off their routines.

Strategies to Try

Here are 6 strategies you can use to encourage your kids to eat a variety of foods, without it feeling like a chore or pressure.

  1. Color-Themed Meals: Create meals where every food is the same color. It makes mealtime fun and encourages creativity.
  2. Letter-Themed Meals: Choose a specific letter for each meal. It’s a playful way to involve kids in meal planning and introduce new foods.
  3. Vary the Routine: Change when familiar foods are eaten. Serve yogurt at lunch instead of breakfast.
  4. Vary the Presentation: Offer familiar foods in different textures or flavors. Try raw carrots, cooked carrots, or carrot cake.
  5. Explore Different Brands: Buy different brands of the same type of food to introduce subtle taste and texture differences.
  6. Model Behavior: Eat a variety of foods yourself. Your actions influence your child’s willingness to try new things.


Introducing new foods can seem daunting, but these strategies make it smoother and more enjoyable. Next week, we’ll discuss encouraging your kids to taste new foods—a crucial step in diversifying their diet.

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