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My Formal Bio

Dr. Kiyah Duffey is a leading nutrition expert, speaker, and visionary founder of the international 7-figure brand Kizingo. 

Holding a PhD in nutritional epidemiology from UNC - Chapel Hill and with 20 years experience, she is widely regarded for her insights on health and wellness. Her scientific thought leadership on the relationship between food, weight gain, and heart disease has been featured in national media outlets including NPR, Good Morning America, USA Today, and in magazines like Men's Health and O Magazine. 

Her collaborations with leading nutrition policy organizations, like the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, have been instrumental in shaping long-term scientific and health investment strategies, enhancing the collective understanding of the nutrition science landscape.

In the wake of motherhood, Kiyah’s journey took a transformative turn. Confronted by the scarcity of products that encouraged healthy behaviors necessary for long-term wellbeing, she launched Kizingo. This globally recognized children’s mealtime company is celebrated for its award-winning designs and its mission to improve eating habits from an early age.

As a dynamic speaker, she engages busy, health-conscious moms, offering them not just answers but empowering strategies to nurture healthier food relationships within their families. Her signature keynote, Redefinding Mealtime Success, and 6-part series titled Empowering Parents, provide clear, actionable guidance amidst the often overwhelming sea of nutritional advice.

Now she’s ready to help you!

Beyond the Resume

Kiyah in real life...

Dr. Kiyah Duffey is a leading nutrition expert ... yeah, yeah, ok ... Let’s get real!

My parents both grew up on farms in the Midwest but were adventurers at heart and moved our family to Maine when I was 7. (My husband will tell you that doesn’t make me a true Mainer, but that is a point on which we agree to disagree.)

I scooped ice cream all through high school and can still eat it by the pint (Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite to this day). I went to a small liberal arts college that taught me the value of learning but didn’t prepare me for any particular career path ... so I forged my own. 

I love to travel and have made multiple trips abroad lasting several months (most with my husband and our three kids) including a 5-month backpacking trip through South America and living abroad in Australia, Tanzania, and Germany.

I love looking at cookbooks almost more than trying the recipes in them. I love the smell of coffee and the ocean. Try as I might to land on a different answer, Brussels Sprouts (roasted until crispy and brown) are my favorite food. When given the choice, I choose salty over sweet, water over mountains, staying in over going out (unless it’s with good friends).

My weekends are spent at the Farmers’ Market, baking, or getting our house back to some semblance of order so that we can start Monday fresh - because for me, a clean and organized home is a peaceful home. 

But with three kids, a husband, and a dog it never stays that way very long!
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