4 Simple Ways to Add Diversity to Your Family's Meals

WHY DIVERSITY MATTERS: Eating a wide variety of foods leads to better health. Yet if you're like most of us, finding ways to incorporate greater diversity into your existing routines can be challenging. But it doesn't have to be complicated. 


Here are four easy-to-implement tips to help you and your family enjoy a more varied diet.


1.  Shop Local and Seasonal

Shopping at farm stands, farmers' markets, or growing a few herbs on your porch not only supports local producers but also ensures you get the freshest food. Seasonal produce tends to taste better and encourages a wider variety of foods on your plate.

Why It Matters: buying what's in season encourages a natural rotation of foods throughout the year . Plus, local, in-season foods are more flavorful. A tomato fresh from the vine during its growing season is vastly different from one shipped from across the country the rest of the year.

Pro Tip: Even if farmers markets are not accessible, grocery stores increasingly look to purchase from local vendors – and they often label these foods. Look for Locally Grown signs at your closest store.


2.  Shop Grocery Store Sales

Shopping sales can be a great way to add variety to your meals while also saving money. Sales usually mean the store has excess inventory, which might not be there next week. By buying items on sale, you're naturally introducing different foods into your diet.

Why It Matters: Shopping sales helps you save money and diversify your meals. Stores often discount different items each week, giving you a reason to explore new foods.

outline of an apple

Pro Tip: Try to be brand nonspecific. Instead of buying the same type of apple, try different varieties like Fuji, Honeycrisp, or Braeburn. Make it a game with your kids—who can find the tastiest apple?


3.  Try Different Varieties

Eating the same foods can get boring quickly. To add diversity without much effort, try buying different varieties of a food or different brands. This works with fruits, vegetables, and pantry staples like chips and crackers.

Why It Matters: Trying different varieties adds excitement to your meals and helps your family explore new flavors. It's also a simple way to encourage your kids to try new things.

Pro Tip: Turn it into a fun activity. Do a taste test with your kids, comparing different types of the same food. This approach helps your children understand and appreciate diverse flavors without stress.


4.  Plan Broad Meal Categories

Planning specific recipes can be overwhelming. Instead, focus on broad meal categories like pasta, tacos, or rice bowls. This approach allows for flexibility and customization, making it easier to add variety to your family's meals.

Why It Matters: Broad meal categories give you more freedom to mix and match ingredients. This flexibility makes meal planning less stressful and encourages you to experiment with new foods.

Pro Tip: Tacos and rice bowls are great for customization. Set out different toppings and let everyone build their own meal. It’s an easy way to let everyone have a little of what they want, without catering to their every demand.



Incorporating diversity into your family's diet doesn't need to be complicated. Small changes, like shopping seasonally or trying new brands, can make a big difference. What's your favorite way to add variety to your meals? Share your tips!

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