A New Approach to Mealtimes

Cut through the nutrition noise to regain confidence

and experience happier and more connected mealtimes .
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  • "Kiyah is so down to earth. Listening to her has helped me become much more aware of my own habits. 

    She’s helped me realize that dinner CAN be less stressful and more fun!"
    Liz V.
  • "I left feeling empowered and supported by her compassion, honesty, and vulnerability."
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Signature Program
Redefining Mealtime Success:

Prioritizing Values, Persistence, and Acceptance

Customizable Keynote, Virtual Presentation, ½ Day Workshop
Every month more than 30,000 parents google “What should I feed my kid?"
Despite this, very few parents ask themselves if the advice they get back aligns with their values or fits into their family’s schedule. 
This leads to doubt and stress.
With this program, your audience will learn to cut through the nutrition noise to regain confidence and experience happier, more connected mealtimes.
Do you find yourself trying to live up to an Instagram-worthy dinner, when you barely have time to hit the drive through? Do you struggle to find a meal that everyone likes, and end up cooking to the lowest common denominator just so your kids will eat something? 

Does this leave you exhausted and overwhelmed? Or worse - feeling like a complete failure?

If you and/or your audience face these struggles when it comes to family meals, this program was built for you.
The key to happier, calmer mealtimes isn’t simply gathering more information. The key is learning how to filter the information you already have and applying it to a structure that fits your life .
Backed by empirical data, this presentation pairs personal stories with concrete actions that will empower you to:
Reclaim the dinner you've always wanted.
Insights Gained
Your audience will walk away empowered with the knowledge that:
Examining your own relationship with food is key to building the habits you want to have.

Having clarify on your family's food goals reduces stress & uncertainty.

Identifying your food values allows you to approach mealtime with a sense of purpose.

Regaining self-confidence in your mealtime decisions prevents feelings of overwhelm.

Separating evidence from advice helps you achieve YOUR goals, not someone elses.

Raising confidence eaters takes time and requires practice and patience, not perfection.


Empowering Parents: Finding Clarity & Confidence at Mealtime
In this six-part course, Kiyah will take you step-by-step through her full process of systematically examinging your food past, reimagining your future, identifying your mealtime goals and then oinpointing and applying your personal values in order to achieve them.
After this course, you will have more clarity, confidence, and connection at family mealtimes.
See the Big Picture
In this module we’ll talk about how much time you really have to help your kids develop healthy relationships with food.
Examine Your Food Past
Understanding your relationship with food is key to making purposeful decisions. In this module we unpack your past to find a way forward.
Separate Evidence from Advice
Advice and evidence serve distinct purposes but are often conflated. Learn how to identify, and use, each of them.
outline of an apple
Identify & Apply Your Values at Mealtime
Letting YOUR values lead your food & mealtime decisions makes it easier to stick with a plan. In this module we learn how to identify and apply yours.
Embrace the Power of Language
Using language with your kids at mealtimes builds confidence and trust. In Module 5, we talk specifically about how to use language to do both.
Acknowledge the Small Wins
Developing confident conscientious eaters takes  time – so much time. In Module 6 we’ll talk about how to acknowledge the small wins that’ll keep you going.

Are you ready to help your audience transform their relationship with food?

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